Aerial Fitness


Get out the Box!! This is a fusion technique of Yoga, Pilates and Aerial Gymnastic techniques. Flip and Fly like a rockstar!


Beginning with a meditation and zero-compression inversion, we then warm the body through a series of Sun Salutations using the silk hammock for support, This warms up your body and mobilises your joints.. The class then goes through a journey fusing techniques together, so you will receive an awesome workout, gain strength and flexibility while having a great fun time with inversions, flips and tricks! Finishing the class with a Savasana inside of your hammock coccoon. You will leave feeling refreshed, taller and happy.


All exercises will be given at different level options where available, especially the suspension training techniques, meaning it really is suitable for all fitness abilities. If you've ever done suspension training at the gym you will love this class as the possibilities are endless!