Aerial Hoop/Lyra


A fabulous circus based class at The Fitness Hangout! Aerial Hoop - otherwise known as Lyra - is a circus skill that will give you a fantastic workout! 


Using the circular apparatus you will learn dynamic tricks and movements, seats and rolls, and then learn how to put them together into sequences and routines. A great class to increase muscular strength and endurance along with Flexibility and Balance.


There is a maximum of 2 people per hoop, with varying hoop sizes for different height people.

Beginners classes involve learning how to get in and out of the hoop and poses inside and underneath the apparatus.  You'll be given conditioning exercises to do to build up the required strength - don't be put off thinking you have to already be super strong! Once you've mastered this you'll be cleared to go into a higher level class where you will go onto the top of the hoop and the strop. (rope). 

Beginners or experienced hoopers are welcome!