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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks uses two lengths of fabric, secured from the ceiling, and involves defying gravity and using your strength to climb and manoeuvre the silks. Under careful instruction, you’ll learn how to wrap the silks around your body to reach cool poses that will really improve your flexibility. And as you improve with experience, you could be tumbling down the length of the silks and performing jaw-dropping spins.

Aerial Silks is a brilliant physical challenge. If you’re keen to try out Aerial exercises, silks are softer than other equipment (such as hoops) and make a great introduction to suspended adventures.  You get so much freedom in the air with silks, with a plethora of positions and movements you can do, and you will feel the improvements in your body after each session. 

It’s a full-body workout - most notice their shoulders and upper body changing most from doing silks as you really need to work those muscles to ascend and control your movements. Even just climbing up the silks will engage many important muscles! You’ll also be igniting your core and you’ll see flexibility improve as you stretch yourself on the silks.

Sure, you’re going to ache at first but as your body adjusts to the new movements that a gym session won’t provide, you’ll begin to see what your body is capable of up in the air.

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Beginners Silks

This class is on Thursdays as part of a three week rotation. We recommend that you come along and learns the basics of climbing, foot locks and hip locks before moving to the Mixed ability class. You'll also learn some of the easier moves and poses and work on strength and conditioning. 

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Mixed Ability Silks

Once you can comfortably climb, Foot lock and hip lock, speak to your instructor about joining this session. Here you'll be working on harder sequences, tumbles and drops, but you'll be given level options appropriate to you! 

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Aerial Sling

Aerial sling is a class using longer hammocks rigged from a single point and focuses on tricks in the fabric - similar to a silks class except the fabric is looped. Great for building upper body strength and core conditioning.

 If you love the tricks part of an Aerial Yoga session this class is for you! Aerial Yoga sessions are a great class to start with as a beginner to build up the strength needed if you aren't used to doing any Pole or Aerial work!

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