Covid Information


We finally have our policies and processes in place and can now tell you more about our studio opening. We will be opening on Saturday 25th July with a slightly reduced timetable to allow for 30 minutes cleaning between each session. We are opening with a maximum of 10 students per class along with the instructor. We will reassess things each month or as government guidelines change – we are actually under the maximum number of people allowed per sqft by choice. This will allow us to ensure that you can all stay socially distant at all times

How will my visit to the studio now look?

Upon arriving at the studio you will not be allowed entry until approximately 5 minutes maximum before the class. Until then you will be asked to wait outside/in your car. Even when outside – you must stay socially distanced please. When the door is opened by the instructor you may enter and following the arrows please immediately wash your hands and make your way into the studio. There is also hand sanitiser on the wall just inside the main entrance. The only things to be left in the cubby holes are your shoes and keys, bags and coats must preferably be left in the car – only bring essential items into the studio. We are asking that you wear a face covering at point of entry as its slightly harder to stay socially distant and then it will be removed once you’re settled in the studio and the class begins. You do not need to wear a face covering when exercising – although our instructors will be wearing masks when they walk around the class and if they need to spot you. Classes will be planned to minimise spotting but where the risk of safety outweighs the risk of the virus - we will do it. Your safety is our priority! We will then ask you to return your face covering when the class is completed and you are leaving the studio area. You are not permitted to hang around in the waiting area and must leave the studio promptly.

Pole and Aerial Classes.

As you enter the studio space, you will pick up a clean cloth and alcohol spray bottle each. These are for each person in the class to wipe down the equipment before and after each use. Aerial hoops are brand new and un-taped to allow cleaning – we understand this will take some getting used to – but hopefully it will just be for a few months. They are powder coated so you may find wearing shorts gives you extra skin grip rather than leggings, though this is individual preference. You may also want to invest in some grip aid – speak to your instructor for advice. When leaving the studio, you will place the cloth into a laundry bin and they will be washed after each use. We are going to suggest that you find a ‘studio buddy’ in your classes where you try and always share with the same person. This means you can talk to your buddy about what risks they are taking outside of the studio environment to put your mind at rest and you can both set boundaries together. In pole classes – the 2 middle poles will not be in use to help with social distancing policies. The marked out squares will be used as reference points during classes to also help to keep over 2 metres apart. Please bring your own mats if wanted for the warm up and cool down. The level of the classes will start off lower than normal to allow you all to safely build up your strength again and acclimatise your skin! Also due to the no spotting rule. Pole Classes – we are going to experiment with running livestream classes as they happen for people who do not wish to attend the studio in person. If inverts are involved we can only allow 6 people and they will not be available as catch up classes. This is something we need to experiment with on opening!

Aerial Yoga Classes

We will have 2 sets of hammocks so that they can be swapped after each class – meaning the hammocks will not be re-used within a minimum of 24 hrs, though it looks like it will be more like 48 hours. Please bring your own Yoga mat to the studio as we cannot provide them and please keep your face covering on until after your instructor has set up your hammock. You can then remove it and leave it at the front of your mat or with your belongings next to your mat on the floor. Please leave the hammocks down when finishing the class so the instructor can remove them and replace with the second set. Please replace your mask upon leaving the studio area into the reception area.

Aerial Silks.

Due to the fact we cannot clean the silks inbetween users in a class setting – silks will only be available as privates for the time being so we can then leave 24 hours between use.

Stretch and Strength Classes

These will remain ONLINE for the time being. We will have 4 online classes per week and they will count as one typical class credit as per your membership. They will be available as catch up classes for 1 week now I will have more room on the cloud.

Kids classes

We will be in touch with you shortly regarding the remaining weeks from last term. Please check your emails this week!

Private lessons.

Privates are available at the studio for all disciplines! To book privates, the same applies as before covid – please message the instructor directly to book in!

Cancellation Policy.

The Cancellation Policy will return to 24 hours. However, it is extremely important that if you have ANY signs or symptoms of Covid that you do not attend class! As per government guidelines if you have symptoms you will need to self isolate for 14 days so we will cancel class bookings for that period unless you can show us a negative test result with which you will be allowed back, test results usually come back to you within 48 hours now so please get tested asap. In these cases we may be able to return class credits to you as catch up sessions, but we will evaluate on a case by case basis.

Informed Consent Form.

A new form will be added to Go Team Up that you will need to read and sign before coming to a live class. We will also be emailing copies along with our Hygiene Policy and Social Distancing Policy to everyone on our system.


Our instructors will be cleaning the studio thoroughly between each class and at the end of each day. We are using products known to kill the covid virus and I am happy to discuss our cleaning policies and risk assessments with anyone who would like that. There will also be a copy in the studio for anyone to read should they wish to. We are unable to provide cups and mugs, so please ensure you bring your own water bottles to class.


We have to leave the door and windows fully open at all times during classes, and we are not allowed to use fans as per the government guidelines.

Music Volume and Voice levels

We will be playing music at a very low volume to ensure the instructor does not have to raise their voice as per government regulations. We also ask that students do not shout loudly across the room – though we know it will be hard to contain your excitement at seeing each other!

Mobile Phones

Phones are a hotbed for germs, so you will not be allowed to give your phone to a friend to take photos and due to social distancing it will be harder to put your phones in places to take videos. We will be strictly only allowing 5 minutes at the end of class for any photos to be taken and you must get your buddy/friend to take them for you on their own device and message them to you after class. Do not pass your phone to someone else unless you live with them or are in a social single person bubble. If at any time we feel this is impacting on our social distancing measures we will temporarily ban photos and videos being taken.

To see the informed consent form click here

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