Frequently asked Questions!


Please find listed below the FAQ's, please take time to read through them before emailing us, as you may find your question already answered. If you can't find an answer to your question then dont hesitate to contact us. 



What do I wear to classes?

For Pole classes you need skin to grip to the pole, so you will eventually need shorts and t-shirt, however many people feel shy about wearing shorts at first and that's ok! Please wear leggings/trackies to warm up and cool down. Barefoot is best for Pole classes.

For Antigravity classes, long trousers/leggings are most appropriate and a t-shirt that covers your armpits will be more comfortable for you during the session. Barefoot or socks.

For Aerial Hoop classes please wear leggings (you can even double layer if you wish) and long legwarmers help to start off protecting the backs of the knees.

Do I need to bring anything else with me?

For pole classes you may want to bring along a small hand towel to wipe your hands on, we provide cloths to wipe the poles. Please do not wear Jewellery to any of your classes - it scratches the poles and can rip the hammocks. Do not wear ANY moisturiser or body lotion to pole class as it is dangerous - this includes fake tan and suntan lotion. Please do not wear heavy make-up/fake tan in the hammocks either. Please bring a drink along to stay hydrated and feel free to bring your own yoga mat - although we do provide them in the studio.

How old do I have to be to come to classes?

The minimum age for students is 16 for pole and 14 for Antigravity, Dance and Aerial Hoop. If 15yr/16yr and wishing to do Pole Fitness classes and still at school, then parental permission will be needed.  We have had several students doing the classes as part of their Duke of Edinburgh awards. 

There is NO MAXIMUM age!  We encourage people to join at any age!

Do I need to be strong, fit and slim to take part?

Absolutely not! All classes are catered to the individuals fitness levels and abilities. Options will be given for moves and the instructors are all trained how to modify exercises for you and assist you where needed with hands on spotting. All students progress at their own rate, and you will never be made to do something you are not ready for. Your strength will increase as you learn.

Are the classes really hard work?

The classes are a great workout (that's what you want right?!) and you may find that you bruise from the Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop classes. Plenty of Arnica cream will help and bruising stops as you become more controlled in your movements. Please expect to ache the day after - and maybe the day after that! You will be using muscles that you may not have used before.

Is the equipment strong enough to hold me?

All of our equipment is load tested by professionals along with the ceiling attachments, and rated to hold at least 1000lbs in weight! This is the size of a baby elephant! Please do not worry about this.

Can I take part with an injury/illness

If you are injured or have an illness that can be affected by exercise please contact us before joining the classes. There are certain contraindications that mean you cannot take part and you can find them here

What do you bring for Pole parties?

You will want to wear the same clothing as listed at the top of this page, however for parties feel free to be extravagant! Dress up, add some sparkles, and bring along a pair of heels to wear if you'd like!


How long will I stay in beginner classes?

This completely depends on the person! Everyone will progress at their own speed according to their own ability. We will not move you on until you have the strength to do so as this will risk injury. If you have been taught at another Pole school we encourage you to come to a Beginners/Improvers class for a couple of weeks so we can assess which class will be most suitable for you.