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Other classes! 

We have some classes that are run on a rotations, so they don't happen every week. Check out our timetable for days and times. We also have an open practise session where you can come along and self train. We run regular in-house workshops on specialist techniques quite often (these are not included in memberships) which include things like Adult Dance, Tippy Hoop, Doubles, Acro and much more!

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Handstand Conditioning

Come along and learn how to balance on your hands!! Includes tonnes of great conditioning exercises - no experience necessary!!  We work on shoulder mobility and strength, core strength and more. You do NOT need to be able to handstand to join this class!

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Conditioning for Pole and Aerial

This is a Conditioning class specifically designed for Pole Dancers and Aerialists - although of course anyone is welcome to join! It includes floor and apparatus based conditioning and prehab exercises, aimed at gaining the necessary strength and skill on pole and aerial equipment. Some will be set to music and some will be rep based exercises, you'll be encouraged to track your progress over the weeks. Equipment used will vary but could include silks, hoops, rope and hammocks.

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Open Practise

Open practice sessions are for any piece of equipment - pole, hoop, hammock, sling/silks or just stretch! Up to 2 people on each piece of equipment and equipment will vary depending on who has booked in. The instructor is there to warm you up and cool you down, and to spot you wherever necessary, however they will not be teaching you anything new. This is a class where you can practice things you've already learnt or if you want to put together combinations and routines. Suitable for any level.

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