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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. You will see a change in your muscle tone and definition, especially in the upper body and abdominals, but also in the legs, butt and thighs.


We welcome complete beginners to people who have had pole experience before. Please book into the relevant level class - if you have done pole elsewhere we would appreciate it if you drop us a message to discuss which class we think will be most suitable! 


Pole fitness classes are also about having fun, you will enjoy yourself so much you won't know where the time went! You will meet great people who support and encourage each other, and possibly make some great friends!


Each individual will learn tricks and spins at their own pace, when you are ready for them. As teachers, our main aim is that everyone leaves the class with a feeling of accomplishment, whether you've learnt a basic spin/transition or a harder inverted trick, and that you can't wait for your next lesson!  Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through the moves safely and effectively.


All instructors at The Fitness Hangout are Xpert trained, first aid qualified and fully insured, and Jo Dandridge is a UK Master trainer for the Xpert Instructor training course and was heavily involved in developing the Xpert training programmes.  We are dedicated to ongoing training for our instructors and keeping up to date on all the latest research, including Anatomy and Physiology, Stretching and Flexibility, Shoulder Biomechanics and more. 

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Pole Beginners

In a beginners class you will learn how to move and transition around the pole with walks, dips and spins! You will learn how to get down to the floor and back up again, then you'll be working on sits and climbs. We will start to give you conditioning exercises for inverts and when you are ready we will teach you how to get upside down! Only basic inverts will be covered in these classes and only when you are ready to do so!  Our beginners syllabus is huge and you can join these classes at any time as our highly professional instructors can give you level options to suit. You do not have to wait for a course to start or sign up for multiple sessions.

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Pole Choreography

This is where you will put together a choreographed routine to music. You should be an advanced beginner/improver level to attend this class as we are learning the chores and not the moves! So we want you to have a good understanding of spins and transitions. Contact us if you're unsure if you're at the right level! 

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Pole Improvers

Moving out of beginners can be daunting! Once you can do a basic invert this is a great class to get you ready for the Inter/Adv classes. You'll start to work on longer flow sequences and harder spins, and then work on leg hangs, laybacks and some of the more basic inverts whilst still working on your conditioning.

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Mixed Ability

We run a daytime Mixed ability class which is suitable for beginner - advanced level! Everyone will be given an option to suit. these classes aren't for everyone, some people prefer the environment of a beginners class but others love to watch the more advanced students and it motivates them to work harder! 

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Pole Inter/Advanced. 

We want you to be comfortable with leg hangs (hands off), climbs and sits, climb up and over from a knee hook and starting to work towards shoulder mounts  (even just conditioning them) to join these classes. You'll be learning harder flow sequences using our beginner and improver syllabus so please contact us if moving here from another area to discuss which class is suitable for you! With these sessions you'll be given different level options of the same move so it's important as always to work at your own pace and dont try things you aren't ready for. Your instructor will be on hand to discuss this with you during the class!

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