Pole Dancing for Fitness


Pole Dancing is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. You will see a change in your muscle tone and definition, especially in the upper body and abdominals, but also in the legs, butt and thighs.


Benefits of regular exercise include a reduction in Body fat, reduced blood pressure and resting heart rate, you are less likely to suffer from diabetes and Coronary heart disease. You can also see an increase in your metabolism, increased endorphins (the feel good factor!), increased sex drive and confidence.


Pole fitness classes are also about having fun, you will enjoy yourself so much you won't know where the time went! You will meet great people who support and encourage each other, and possibly make some great friends!


Each individual will learn tricks and spins at their own pace, when you are ready for them. As teachers, our main aim is that everyone leaves the class with a feeling of accomplishment, whether you've learnt a basic spin/transition or a harder inverted trick, and that you can't wait for your next lesson!  Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through the moves safely and effectively.


All instructors at The Fitness Hangout are Xpert trained, first aid qualified and fully insured, and Jo Dandridge is a UK Master trainer for Crunch Fitness and Xpole running the Xpert Instructor training course.  We are dedicated to ongoing training for our instructors and keeping up to date on all the latest research, including Anatomy and Physiology, Stretching and Flexibility, Shoulder Biomechanics and more. 


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