Am I too unfit/old/overweight for your class?

These are the most common questions we are asked at The Fitness Hangout! And the answers are most definitely "NO"!

We encourage people of any age, any shape and size and any fitness level to come along to our sessions. Aerial Fitness techniques are not just for those who are physically gifted and just by coming along you are already victorius by overcoming a fear of the unknown - helping to create a healthy mind as well as a healthy body! The classes at the studio are unlike any other form of fitness, we hope to improve your confidence as well as your health, and we have created a super friendly environment where students work together and help each other to acheive goals, empowering each other and not putting each other down, students very often become firm friends outside of classes.

Pole Dancing classes are levelled, so you can come to a beginners class. Here you will be sharing the time with others of roughly your own ability, once the instructors feel you are ready and strong enough to move up a level we will tell you, this is usually when you start to invert (go upside down!). This can take a different amount of time for each person, so you will be encouraged to build strength at your own pace, there is no rush. We like to spend time perfecting the basics, ensuring safety for our students. For students who are building strength, you will be encouraged to work on combinations, dance and flow to build fitness levels.

Antigravity Fitness classes, you can join any of these classes at any time. In the classes you all work with your own hammock and everyone is encouraged to 'monitor their own resistance' and work at your own pace. There is no competition in the class, you are not trying to keep up with others, just making sure that YOU get the best out of your own workout. We can have athletes and total beginners working side by side, as you'll be given your own modifications or progressions to set your own pace. The hammocks are rated by professionals and the installation is done by professional riggers. There is literally no weight limit.

Aerial Hoop classes, you must join at the start of a 6 week term. Once again, you'll be given options for this class and we also have a lower hoop for people to work on if they find it difficult to lift up into the higher hoops.

We hope to see you in a class soon - step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to do something new.

The Fitness Hangout Team.

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