Handstand February!

I thought it would be fun for the Fitness hangout Students to take part in Handstand February!

Founded in February 2009 by the Australian dancers Suzie Q and Toby J - "Handstand February" represents a month of random handstands! Each day in February find a new random place to do a handstand and get someone to take a photo of you. The rules: 1 handstand per day for the month of February. Photographic evidence must be supplied and posted on Facebook, try not to use locations more than once. Upload to your own page and tag 'The Fitness Hangout' page, and at the end of February we will look through these photos and the most creatiove person will win a Fitness Hangout HOODIE! Please be creative, but not crazy. Please dont do anything unsafe or illegal. You'll be amazed at how much stronger your handstands become by the end of the month! Happy Handstanding!

#handstand #february #gymnastics #yoga #aerialyoga #fitness #godalming #surrey #strengthandconditioning #Polefitness #poledancing

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