Back to Basics!

June Fundamentals!

Every year at The Fitness Hangout we spend a whole month during our Pole Classes of going 'Back to Basics' and going over core fundamental moves in each of our Intermediate and Advanced classes!

It's so important on your Pole Journey to build your strength and stamina slowly to avoid injuries. We work a lot in our classes on Pole Flows and Combinations, Transitions, Floorwork and Tricks. During Pole Fundamentals month we take all our students back a level to focus purely on technique and alignment on the fundamental building block moves. These are moves that are really important steps in those building blocks which will lead on to more advanced moves and combinations. We ensure students are working on their non-dominant sides, which is a something we often get into bad habits with!

The students have made some real gains in strength, technique and alignment this month! Well done!

All our Pole Instructors are Xpert trained Instructors, with Jo Dandridge being a Master Trainer for Xpert - training Pole Instructors all over the world!

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