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Stretch and Strength

Our Stretch classes are designed to strengthen the body as well as gain flexibility. We work on Active Flexibility alongside Passive Flexibility as its important for the joints to be supported at their end range. We include Core strengthening, Shoulder and back strengthening and much more. 

If you're working towards Splits, Straddles and Back bends, we will work through exercises to get there safely without injury! And also to prevent injuries from occurring during exercise. 

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Stretch and Strength in studio

Join us in the studio to work your strength and flexibility. We work on mobility exercises, active and passive stretches, full body conditioning and include a range of stretching techniques that are all proven to be safe and effective. To become more flexible you have to become strong!

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Livestream classes

Cant come to class but want to join us live so you can talk to us and ask questions? Then book for the online sessions and join us in the studio from your own home. You'll need a selection of equipment - yoga blocks, bands, foam roller and occasionally balls. Message us for info!

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Online catch up

If you cant make the live time but still want to do a stretch sessions at home in your own time, book for the online class and the recording will be sent out to you afterwards!

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