Here’s what our students are saying about us. If you have a testimonial you would like to share then please drop us an email at info@thefitnesshangout.co.uk  You can also check out some of our Video Testimonals here.

"Jo is my pole guru & I'm so glad that she persuaded me all those years ago to try it! 
Her outlook on Pole dance is fitness & dance based so encourages a safe & professional attitute towards it.

Pole dancing has introduced me to a whole new world outside of being a mum, wife & part time worker! I've gained self confidence, lots of new friends & an amateur pole dance championship title! 
Thanks Jo :)"

Jessica - Godalming

I can't tell you how much I have loved Jo's Pole lessons. She is a talented teacher who pays close attention to the needs of all of the students. The class is held in a relaxed fun atmosphere and is non competitive which is great for all abilities. Jo's classes have greatly helped improve my self confidence and self esteem. Jo's pole fitness is a great way to keep fit and meet new people. I travelled over 20 miles each way to attend the lessons, that's how good they are!”​

Denise, Basingstoke

Pole fitness is an awesome work out and a chance to socialise with a great group of girls. It's a real challenge each week to try to master something new but the sense of achievement is amazing. It's real girl power and everyone supports each other no matter what your level. A fantastic way to spend an hour and very addictive.”​
Claire, Godalming

Having googled 'Aerial yoga' before my first class, I figured it would be years before I would be proficient enough to hang upside down. Not so, because within five minutes of my first class starting, I was hanging upside down in the 'monkey' position. I was so amazed that I could do it and was hooked from that moment. It is the perfect class for stretching, toning, working up a sweat, relaxing, having FUN and boosting your confidence and self esteem - all that in 75 minutes! You leave the class feeling like you can achieve anything and everything!”​
Nancy Bruce

I've just come back to pole fitness after having my first baby. I poled for a year before falling pregnant and absolutely love the classes. I find pole fit challenging on many levels (strength, coordination, determination) but it's also great fun and the girls in our class are mutually supportive of each other in achieving our various goals. This is one of only two sports that I've stuck at over the years so that's saying something!”​
Eryl Chant, Cranleigh

 I am an experienced Gymgoer and Cardio (Running) addict. I have found Aerial classes supplement my activity regime with a far more in depth, gymnastic resistance programme that has translated into a harder, firmer core / abs and strengthened thighs and arms. Entertaining, enjoyable and engaging, Aerial Yoga will certainly bring an element of the unknown and a challenge to any weekly training schedule.​"
Carol Fisher

I have been taking part in Aerial Yoga sessions at the Fitness Hangout for just over a month now, not only do I thoroughly enjoy myself but I have noticed how much taller I am standing and how my posture has improved!  But my main reason for writing is that the anti-gravity yoga helps with neuropathic pain that I have in my feet having undergone months of chemotherapy for bowel cancer.  I can safely say that for 36 to 48hrs after an aerial yoga session my feet feel nearly "normal" which is a major thing for me as I take medication for this everyday. My feet feel light and without pain! A really big thing for me!  Thanks Jo - you make the sessions fun and sometimes I forget how much we are working out..... until the next day that is when the muscles tell me!! "
Hannah Kingerley​

 Fun, have loads more confidence and patience with myself and others, exhilarating, calm, friends, physically and mentally stronger than I've ever been, bruises are a bonus. Many thanks to the fantastic, supportive, talented Fitness Hangout team. I owe you my sanity."