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A Specialist Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio in Godalming, Surrey. We run a selection of classes including Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Restorative, Pilates, Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Childrens Circus Classes and Adult Dance classes.

Are you bored of the gym? Or do you find it hard to stick to any kind of exercise routine? If so, you've come to the right place! Our classes are all about Fun and Fitness in a supportive and encouraging environment. The studio will quickly become your favourite place to 'Hangout!' Not only will you see changes in your body, but you'll become more confident and can make great new friends, bonding as you learn a new skill together. Let your mind also escape the outside world as you enter our fun playground. We run classes for ALL abilities. Please browse the website for information regarding class timetable and prices before emailing us with questions, but if there is something you cant find then don't hesitate to ask!

About us


Flexibility to suit your lifestyle!
We have a great and varied timetable and we understand that with busy lives and schedules you can't always attend the same classes each week. Thats why we don't run courses and allow you to join a beginners class at any time, and you don't have to wait 5 weeks till the next course starts if you miss the beginning. This means you can change session times each week if you need to. Beginners classes are tailored so that everyone is working on the same thing but with easier and harder options to suit - our instructors have years of experience and can make sure everyone has something to do that's suitable to their abilities. We will often put you together into smaller groups to work on things together. With our class packs and monthly memberships you can mix and match all the classes,  so you're never committed to the same night each week.




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Stretch and Strength class


The instructors are great, the people in the classes are great, and I walk away feeling better about myself. Hard to believe exercise can be fun!

Finally finding an exercise that is fun & enjoyable and not a competition or boot camp. And then one that really has helped me gain greater flexibility & strength. This makes it a doddle to keep going back. And ditto for all the praise for the Fitness Hangout team who recognise that using those risible muscles is just as important as using all the others too.

Fun, have loads more confidence and patience with myself and others, exhilarating, calm, friends, physically and mentally stronger than I've ever been, bruises are a bonus. Many thanks to the fantastic, supportive, talented Fitness Hangout team. I owe you my sanity.

Having googled 'Aerial yoga' before my first class, I figured it would be years before I would be proficient enough to hang upside down. Not so, because within five minutes of my first class starting, I was hanging upside down in the 'monkey' position. I was so amazed that I could do it and was hooked from that moment. It is the perfect class for stretching, toning, working up a sweat, relaxing, having FUN and boosting your confidence and self esteem - all that in 60 minutes! You leave the class feeling like you can achieve anything and everything!

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Our Address

Tel: 07779 110773
Daytimes - please park in sainsbury's at the far end of the car park and walk through the gate. You have 3 hours free parking.

From 5pm and weekends - park directly outside studio.

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